About Betadine

Betadine®  are powerful antiseptics. From sore throats or cold sores to minor cuts and grazes, the Betadine® range offers you and your family broad spectrum protection and support against minor skin infections.

The Betadine® range has a comprehensive selection of First Aid, Sore Throat and Cold Sore products available that are convenient to use. Betadine® Antiseptics are widely used in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, sports medicine clinics and veterinarian clinics. The various Betadine® products are just what you need for your first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

A real advantage of the Betadine® range is its key ingredient povidone‐iodine, which has the power of traditional iodine but does not sting or irritate nearly as much. The Betadine® range uses the powerful action of iodine against a range of bacteria.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.