Beauty Tips During Cold Weather

In winter we are faced with cold temperatures outdoors and moisture-zapping central heating indoors which can wreak havoc on pretty much any body part exposed to the air like our skin, eyes, mouth and throat. Often we need to change our beauty regime or lifestyle a little to accommodate for the change of season and help us feel and look our winter best.

  • Dry skin – Dry, troubled and itchy skin is a very common complaint in winter but with a little extra effort can be managed. Exfoliate to slough off old skin cells, use an oil-based or cream natural cleanser and body wash, soothe dry skin by moisturising regularly, keep up your water intake and avoid long hot showers (as tempting as it is), as hot water may strip the protective oils from our skin.
  • Dandruff – Dry and cold winter weather can lead to a dry scalp and dandruff. Scalp skin is no different from other skin, so increase your water intake, avoid long hot showers, massage warm oil (such as coconut and lemon oil) into the scalp once or twice a week and use a gentle natural shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dry Eyes – Eyes can become dry, gritty and uncomfortable in winter thanks to lower humidity and central heating. Try lubricating eye drops and/or a humidifier to your home or workplace to soothe dry eye symptoms.
  • Chapped Lips – Cold winter air and dry humidity indoors can easily dehydrate our lips. Because they only have a thin layer of protective skin, our lips are more likely to dry out than anywhere else on our face or body. To avoid chapped lips this winter, slather on a moisturising lip balm like papaw ointment, avoid licking your lips, keep well hydrated and consider a humidifier.
  • Sore throats – Because we tend to stay indoors throughout winter in closer contact with other people, it makes it easier for winter lurgies and their associated symptoms like sore throats to circulate. Plus, dry air in overheated buildings can further irritate the throat. To soothe a sore throat, drink plenty of fluids and warm soup or tea, humidify the air and consider a specialised sore throat gargle.

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