Cold Sore Treatment Range

Cold sores are a common problem for many of us. They are a recurrent infection and once you have caught it there is no cure as it will stay in the nerve tissue for life. Usually it remains dormant until trigger factors such as stress, sunburn or the common cold causes it to become active, which begins a series of processes in the body that can end in a cold sore lesion.

So what is the good news? Although there is no direct cure for the cause of a cold sore, the Betadine® Cold Sore range can help to treat and minimise cold sore outbreaks. But in order to do this, it is helpful that the cold sore sufferer is familiar with the three key stages in the development of a cold sore:

  • Stage 1 ‐ (Prodromal stage) No visible signs but a tingling sensation is experienced on or around the infected area which may include the lip or nose
  • Stage 2 ‐ A blister forms on or around the infected area
  • Stage 3 ‐ The blister becomes ‘crusty’ and secondary bacterial infection usually follows

Betadine® Cold Sore products are effective in all three stages of a cold sore. Betadine® Cold Sore products can help against the infection, if applied in the prodromal stage. Betadine® Cold Sore products can also help reduce the spread of infection from one person to another, or from one part of the body to another. This is important because, until healed, the blisters and ulcers of a cold sore are highly contagious.

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