Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle

15mL and 40mL

Betadine® Sore Throat Gargle is a concentrated anti‐bacterial formula used as an aid in the
treatment of sore throats. This gargle must be diluted before use; a convenient measure is included in the pack.
Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Directions for use

Dilute 1mL to 20mL with water using the measure provided and gargle for 30 seconds.


Not to be used in known hypersensitivity to iodine or povidone. If irritation, redness or swelling develops, discontinue treatment and consult a doctor. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. For further information on contraindications to the use of povidone-iodine containing preparations, please refer to the package insert or consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

Povidone-Iodine preparations should not be applied over a long period and to large areas of the skin (e.g., not to more than 10% of the total body surface and for not longer than 14 days) unless strictly indicated.

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Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle is an antibacterial sore throat treatment that kills bacteria.