Sore Throat Relief Range

As winter approaches each year, so too does the likelihood of throat infection. And for many thousands of Australians, the discomfort of a dry, sore throat is all-too familiar. That’s why more and more Australians are coming to rely on the support offered by the Betadine® Sore Throat range.

With the antibacterial power of povidone-iodine, the Betadine® Sore Throat range of gargles offers support against sore throats. This gargle form of treatment offers the advantage of targeting the site and cause of bacterial throat infections. If the sore throat does not respond in two days or is accompanied by fever, headache, nausea or vomiting, medical attention should be sought.

1. Infect Dis Ther (2018) 7:249–259 Sponsored by Mundipharma Research GmbH & Co. KG (MRG)
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